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Adnan Maglajlic


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Website and design

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Nadia Dotta grafica e design


(+39) 349.73.19.843



Behind to every big dream...

I can say that behind my dream there are were so many people who believed in me, in my project and helped me. Thanks then to all, but especially: Thanks to Davide Biga Thanks to Lucio Andreetto Thanks to Nadia Dotta Thanks to Alessandro Cherry Cerato Thanks to Sergio from Idea Gomme Thanks to Mario Giachino from Multiwire Thanks to Damir Maglajlic from Klix.ba Thanks to Marco Manila from triumphchepassione.it Thanks to Matteo Tavella del GM Racing Team Thanks to Simone Barale Thanks to Davide Bandelli Grazie a Fabrizio Isaia Grazie a Gabriele Armitano Grazie a Giulia Donadio Grazie a Laura Bongiovanni Grazie a Luca Pellegrino Grazie a Roberta Chiabrero Grazie a Simone Comba Grazie a Fabrizio Paggi Grazie a Cristina Bacchetti di moto.it Grazie a Sig. Olaf di Arai Europa Grazie a Giangi Prunotto di Photorec Grazie a Sig. Rodriguez di Athena Evolution Grazie a Pietro Bongiovanni di 2B Impresa Edile Grazie a Marco Merli di CLSEVO Grazie a Giancarlo Duvina della Fond Stamp Thanks to Roxana from Sixs Grazie a Umberto Galli di Galli Moto Grazie a Fabio Arnaudo di FuoriGiri Grazie a Fabrizio Marcucci di Sprint Filter Grazie a Maurizio Ferrero di GRP Grazie a Davide Rossi di +eventi Thanks to Kairos Eventi

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